valuation services

We appraise typical properties such as: commercial appraisals, office complexes, planned developments, subdivisions, industrial and warehouse projects, shopping centers, hotels, resorts, mobile home parks, golf course and barrier islands properties; and properties with complex valuation issues such as: environmentally sensitive properties (flora/fauna), hazardous contaminated, mold, Chinese drywall, and utilities.

Our real estate appraisal services are utilized in:

  • Bert J. Harris Jr. Act Cases
  • Business analysis
  • Financing decisions
  • Condemnation cases
  • Deficiency cases
  • Rezoning/land use changes
  • Estate valuation/evaluation
  • Partial interest determination
  • Tenant/rent litigation cases
  • Utility rate hearing cases
  • Chapter 723 rate hearing cases
  • Ad valorem assessment appeals
  • Minority ownership interest
  • Easements
  • Insurance casualty claims
  • Billboards
  • On-site business signs

Physical and Regulatory Land Planning

As designated AICP - American Institute of Certified Planners, our expertise is in assisting clients with land planning and regulatory compliance issues.

Economic Analysis

  • Land development - - feasibility studies
  • Lease analysis - rent studies
  • Recision
  • Deficiency judgments
  • Homeowner association disputes
  • Property disputes
  • Impact of expansion of government services, condemnation, urban renewal, annexations

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